Sunday, August 23, 2009

Faster than a Second, Sleeker than Silk

Last July 14, my friend John Boncalos, came to my pad to talk about an idea. Prior to that, we have been exchanging chats about establishing a company. It all ended with an optimistic decision for us to buy a domain, create a website, do business online. So we consolidated all our assets and resources. We tapped Leonel to join the team. We also talked with Lenard to be one of the contacts and the web designer. Both of them showed willingness. It fanned the fire within us.

So the problem now is, what name? When a client from the US contacted us, he asked Lenard what he would name our group. I never expected that John has been scouting a name for the group. Then came SleekFast.

To have my own website is a dream. But to have a website that would become my source of income is more than a dream. Now it came true.

So friends, I welcome you to visit our site and see what we can do for you.

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