Saturday, October 28, 2006

Love seeing Holyfield beaten by Rey Nieto

I am not an afficionado of any game in this planet. I love computer games but I do no longer have enough time to actually play such.

Good thing my friend Jude Law introduced me to a game entitled Fight Night Round 2. This friend really is a master of any computer game (I believe and the rest of our friends do).

I use PS2 console and though it is not yet as good as the PS3, beating Holyfield using that console gives me a good feeling.

Hey, how good Rey Nieto play the game. With few blows and jabs, Holyfield was brought to the ground.

Rey Nieto and Jude Law (short for Jude Lawrence Cerdino) are cousins. When I was beating Holyfield using the simulated Rey Nieto, the cousins are behind me giving a loud laughs as Holyfield bows to Rey Nieto.

What an awesome experience and a fulfilling one. During the time we three were plaiying the game,, we even matched Manny Pacquiao with Muhammad Ali and watched Pacquiao bleed and later be knocked out.

The computer game is really good. If you want to beat your most hated boxing icon, all you have to do is to acquire this game and play till your face bleed.

How I wish that the programmers would have the people always behind Pacquiao be simulated too so we can easily beat them even on the computer game. Those persons of course are obvious. Name FG, Chavit, and the rest of the political icons who play rude things with us Pilipinos.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dance not to the Music of Cha-Cha

Mrs. Arroyo is really a great day dreamer. I cannot blame her for being such. Her too much fascination to power makes her think unthinkable and unrealizable dreams.

The decision of the Supreme Court to junk the people’s initiative by Sigaw ng Bayan is an act of proving to the whole world that the democracy in the Philippines is not yet dead, though it’s already dying.

I cannot imagine where the heck Mrs. Arroyo get the guts to still say that only Cha-Cha can make the Philippines a first world country. The present situation of the Philippines is not seen on the reports that are made by the secretaries or by any government entity. The present and real situation is seen in the streets and felt in every home. Yes, I can join Mrs. Arroyo in dreaming that somehow, the Philippines will become one of the first world countries. However, I cannot stay day dreaming with her with problems such as lack of funds for education, tuition fee hikes, corruption and many others.

I laud the government, particularly those in Finance Department for making the Peso boost up and made a dollar equivalent to Php 49.95(or so) last night. I realized after hearing the about that rate news that the coin really has to sides. I am really fascinated by this trick; when the rate of peso rises, OFW’s got lower remittances, and when it slopes down us in the Philippines suffer. By looking at it, whether the peso goes up or devalue, the most affected are the masses. And we are the masses.

Those problems are just some that makes the Philippines a third world country. My question is, can Cha-Cha solve the problems of the Philippines?

Changing the constitution or even the government’s form will not make the Philippines a better place lo love in. It will take several men committed to make the Philippines and its government a good one: several good men that do not kill for personal political interest, several good men that never lie and never cheat, several good men that does not corrupt and does not tolerate even his family to corrupt, several good men that fears God and respect the people and the Constitution, above all several men that respects life. And that several does not include majority of what we have now and that several men does not include Mrs. Arroyo!!!

Folks, when the music sounds you have the right to choose whether to dance with it or not. But for me, I will …….. dance not to the music of Cha-cha.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Blood of a Fellow Journo

This text color for a blog article may be disturbing to some. The redness may connote death itself or worst REVENGE.

As I journalist, I recognize the big responsibility given to me. I also do not take for granted the rights that are in me and the rights of others. To fight for this right is my big obligation being a journalist and also being a human.

I stand on the reality that all people have its own living principles and every person has the right to express and share his own principle. What bothers me is the insignificant fact that people kill people because of differences of principle.

Cheaters are cheaters, and when a person declares that a cheater is cheater and the declaration is with basis, even the cheater kill the one who profess the cheater remains a cheater.

As you can see, there are several things that humans need to think about and to consider. Many times those considerations are powered by factors and motivations. Political power is one of the strongest and the most evil motivation that drives people insane. It can become even more powerful when such power is generated by money.

Here in the Philippines, people are killed because of money generated political power. The mere fact that the economy of the Philippines slopes down to the ground, its values on life is even more degrading and can be considered to be on the process of extinction.

The death of a fellow journalist, Ambo Guran is one of the proofs of the degradation of the life value here in the country. I believe that the death of this fellow was done by the military and ordered by politicians who are in great need of power and money. They are the politicians that hide raging evilness in their souls, politicians that are dressed like gods but rotten inside.

Ambo is already part of the 174 politically executed people here in the Philippines. Of the 174 (and counting) murdered are pastors, bishops, union leader, activists, students, journalists, radio commentators etc. In this country, being part of the Media is considered by the government as “destabilizers”. The information that Media men distribute are allegedly distracting to the credibility of the government. But that information is the truth.

The Government believes that the truth distracts the peace of the country. And they also believe that the truth must be hidden in order to erect the government even against the people. And as part of their hiding the truth, they must cover it with the blood of innocent people.

What is more controversial is that the Philippines upholds democracy; democracy in papers but not in real situations.

I know that this article will never be a good way to prevent this government from killing more people of this country. However, I believe as a journalist that this media is powerful enough to let people around the world that the government of the Philippines is no longer democratic.

The blood of my fellow journo is the reason why I write this. I just do not want that blood to flow and be wasted.

The blood of my fellow journo, Ambo is what keeps me writing and keeps on abhorring the government’s insanity.

As a Pilipino, I love the Philippines, but I can never love its government.

I urge you brothers and fellow journo around the world, look at the map of my poor country, look at it closely, and see the blue and green turns to red.

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