Saturday, October 28, 2006

Love seeing Holyfield beaten by Rey Nieto

I am not an afficionado of any game in this planet. I love computer games but I do no longer have enough time to actually play such.

Good thing my friend Jude Law introduced me to a game entitled Fight Night Round 2. This friend really is a master of any computer game (I believe and the rest of our friends do).

I use PS2 console and though it is not yet as good as the PS3, beating Holyfield using that console gives me a good feeling.

Hey, how good Rey Nieto play the game. With few blows and jabs, Holyfield was brought to the ground.

Rey Nieto and Jude Law (short for Jude Lawrence Cerdino) are cousins. When I was beating Holyfield using the simulated Rey Nieto, the cousins are behind me giving a loud laughs as Holyfield bows to Rey Nieto.

What an awesome experience and a fulfilling one. During the time we three were plaiying the game,, we even matched Manny Pacquiao with Muhammad Ali and watched Pacquiao bleed and later be knocked out.

The computer game is really good. If you want to beat your most hated boxing icon, all you have to do is to acquire this game and play till your face bleed.

How I wish that the programmers would have the people always behind Pacquiao be simulated too so we can easily beat them even on the computer game. Those persons of course are obvious. Name FG, Chavit, and the rest of the political icons who play rude things with us Pilipinos.


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