Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have landed on this topic upon some observations I had in my very humble yet crap surroundings...

I am fond on irony and logic so I want to share this to you...

...I am not God so I cannot change People whom I do not make
...The future of the world does not depend on me but on the sole will of the Almighty
...I am nothing if God is within me
...Pride is simply self
...Self then is triggered by emotions
...Pain is pride
...Tolerating is far different from compromise
...The Bible should not be used for others but for self-correction, else we boast
...There is no one righteous not even one so dare not to pretend
...Lecture me of Love and I tell you about Respect
...Lecture me of Respect and I will show you Love
...Hatred is tricky
...Forgiveness is not ours
...My friends are God's gift to me
...Even my enemies are Loved by God
...Death to "self" is real life
...God loves me even if I am an enemy to many
...So I have to love even my enemies as God loves me
...All the problem in the world is caused by "SELF"
...Mastering the emotion does not mean being numb
...Friends should be trusted as God trusted us
...Enemies should be trusted for they are creation of God
...If you think you are above else, you are just saying that you know nothing at all
...Be considerate, could you be not?
...Even if I exist, my existence is not dependent on my self
...Call me an oppressor and I will hug you tight
...Revenge is not mine
...A mistake can never be corrected with another mistake
...Happy living is never subjective
...Joy is eternal
...Evil is not a person
...A person may commit mistake, be it sin, but they are not simply devil
...God forgives, so should I
...I'll my skeletons in my closet as long as you show your's
...God has his own way in tackling our own lives
...He is all knowing
...He is all power
...He is all over

Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Big Apology

I knew before that blogging will not last just like other sites that I know. But I was made wrong. Now I have decided to start blogging again... I am starting again to be comfortable being called a blogger.

Primarily, I am not that person who really fond of writing my thoughts because I fear to be misquoted or misinterpreted. Out of my mind is a bunch of ideas concreted and rooted on biblical principles basically Christian in nature. I just do believe that the existence of this religion is not solely an answer to the underlying question of the existence of God. All things that I write again here is not simply a way of expression but primarily an oceanic avenue of idea outpouring. Rest assured that what we can have here are principally based on nothing but the Bible or primarily bound to its principles. Not because I'm religious but because I am solely incapacitated of true knowledge just like you.

I apologize then about the silent years of this blog and I am greatly shamed of the reluctance. Forward again I speak, that so through this I can have a better place to talk and share with you again... So long...


I love this song by Leona Lewis...

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