Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Big Apology

I knew before that blogging will not last just like other sites that I know. But I was made wrong. Now I have decided to start blogging again... I am starting again to be comfortable being called a blogger.

Primarily, I am not that person who really fond of writing my thoughts because I fear to be misquoted or misinterpreted. Out of my mind is a bunch of ideas concreted and rooted on biblical principles basically Christian in nature. I just do believe that the existence of this religion is not solely an answer to the underlying question of the existence of God. All things that I write again here is not simply a way of expression but primarily an oceanic avenue of idea outpouring. Rest assured that what we can have here are principally based on nothing but the Bible or primarily bound to its principles. Not because I'm religious but because I am solely incapacitated of true knowledge just like you.

I apologize then about the silent years of this blog and I am greatly shamed of the reluctance. Forward again I speak, that so through this I can have a better place to talk and share with you again... So long...


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