Friday, October 17, 2008

Beautiful Freak

I was in my second year college when I met the most wonderful woman in my life. I just had some traumatic experiences in relationships that time that having another one seems to me nothing but a repetition of the pain that I have recently felt. Unbeknown to me, the woman that was introduced to me one night by friend was also enduring the same traumas like mine. That night we talked, laid all our cases, and then find the common denominator between the two of us. She had my respect and I also had her's. Later our friendship grew to some level and then I realized one day that I am falling in love with the woman that was only introduced to me as an acquaintance. No. I do not fell in love because of our common grounds, though those were part of it, but primarily, I fell in love with her because of our differences. She's a freak, a beautiful one.

Ma. Krissena S. QuiƱones. She was known to her friends as Kring and she was introduced to me with this nickname. At first I was hesitant to approach this lady despite her pretty face and mesmerizing eyes. There is something in her that you can just feel the first time you saw and personally met this woman. She's brave. There is courage in her looks, yet the meekness of her being resides inside her heart. Yes. Part of her courage is her being so straightforward and aggressive. As we continue with our relationship, I came to accept that our differences became complements making us two unified, one being.

Love. This is what drives me to continue living and hoping that someday, somehow I am going to marry this wonderful woman. She taught me so much in life. She still help me learn so many things. I am proud that on December 19, we are about to celebrate our fourth year anniversary. That all happens because of this beautiful freak who kept on reminding me of the love and life that we must share moment by moment until the time set forth by the Almighty.

She's not the usual girl anybody can have. Other's might think she's indiffirent. Some may say she's not that good. Many may regard her are something not able to pass their standards. But she does not care. I do not care either. All I know is that, no matter what other tells her, she is the only one that God gave me, not simply as a friend, but a best friend, a lifetime partner, a gift.

We are not a perfect couple. Neither of us is perfect. However, we see our imperfections as something that will help us attain perfectness in God.

She is my treasure.

She is my Beautiful Freak...

Today, October 17, 2008 is her birthday.


I have always wanted your happiness. And in my simple way letting you feel how special you are to me, allow me to present to you my gift. This might not seem so grand but let this be something that you'd treasure... Let it always be a reminder of my ardent love to you...

Be the woman you want to be... As I have said to you before, I am always here for you. I will be with you through thick and thin. Enjoy life and allow yourself to grow according to what your conscience dictates. I will patiently wait to see you grow more beautifully. Later, it will not just be me who'll be thanking you but also our future offspring. You deserve every bit of thanks and love that me and all other people gives you.

Don't forget the one that binds us together in love and faith - God. Let Him always dwell in your heart. Make Him your Lord and Savior. In that I am sure He will never make him down.

Thank you very much for all the love you gave me and still willing to give. Happy birthday and I pray for more blessings from God. I love you so much, Hon...

Yours in Christ,


Beautiful Freak - Eels


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