Friday, October 10, 2008

What Are You?

"Of every one hundred men in battle, ten should not even be there. Eighty, are nothing but targets. Nine are the real fighters, we are lucky to have them since they make the battle. Ah, but the one -- one is the Warrior-- and he brings the others home." -- Commonly attributed to Heraclitus, 500 BC (likely apocryphal)

I am playing airsoft and I like it so much. It is because when I play I become a soldier, hit, but never dies. LOLS. Honestly, this is not just a game of chance, but a game of mind. Yes, similar to chess... But unlike chess, airsoft needs your body to move, your legs to leap, hands to pull the trigger, and of course a mouth willing to scream "hit" when hit.

For months that I have been playing this hobby, there are several questions that I have already encountered; both internal and external questions. One of which pertains to the option of skill or gun power. Arguably, both are needed. And in fact, I certainly believe that the power of the gun and the skill must go together. However, the argument here is not about depending on it. As a soldier, your dependence must not be given to your gun or any armament or else you are nothing but a LAME soldier, a coward. What if you no longer have any armament to help you in your mission? Will you still go or surrender?

Airsoft game and the real battle involves two main factor which the player/soldier must depend on - physiological and psychological power. How well you analyzed the game and the mission is very important than you having just better gun than your team mates.

I loved what Heraclitus have said pertaining to war. See, only 1 among the 100 soldiers is actually a warrior. He has all the wit and the guts to win the war. The warrior is actually the bravest... the best... and the one with the passion and driving force to break in to the enemy's foothold and bring the rest of the soldiers in. The 9 are the fighters. I would say they are those with best built, good armament, but a portion in them is reserved to themselves. You know, human survival instinct... hehehe... Of course, in the airsoft game, nobody wants to be one of the 80 - the targets... Unless of course you are a Newbie and you do not have any idea why you are being ordered by the point man to stay upfront. LOLs... And hey, never mind the 10 left.

So, if you are a real airsoft soldier, where do you belong?

Support Airsoft in Bicol. Be a part and witness the upcoming event on Oct. 26, 2008 will be held at the View Deck, Lignon Hill, Legazpi City. The mission is dubbed Operation Hamburger Hill.


watzzy Saturday, October 11, 2008 12:21:00 PM  

ay wow! Airsoft fanatic! That's good. at least you have an outlet to release kung ano man YUn wahahaha. Good luck anak :)

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