Friday, June 27, 2008

Green Landscapes see, i love to travel nowhere, without any itinerary and capture everything that my lens sees... i have captured two sceneries that i loved so much because of the perfect combination of greens... i have included in the shot some distinct colors that served as accents to the pictures...

...this one was taken from Soa, Malinao, Albay...notice the stair-like "palayan" resembles that of the magnificent Mountain Province's "Hagdan-Hagdan Palayan"... the beautiful mixture of green plus the infusion of the yellowish details made the picture simply awesome. this picture, taken at Payahan, Malinao, Albay, the scenery was completed by the brown details... the "kubo" and the stems of the coconut trees make the greens look more crispy and delightful...the cloudy background which hid Mount Malinao is just perfect to conceal the blue effect of the mountain... post, i will showcase some of my experiments with camera lenses... i have played with the colors yellow, orange, black... long...


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