Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jake: A Friend from Miami

I met a new friend from Miami, Fla. just few days ago. His name is Jake Barreth, 28 years old, and a Worship Pastor. I met him right here in when one night here at the office, I run through several blogs randomly. Then I found out that this guy is a worship leader at a church in Miami. Honestly, I was not really supposed to let you know about him but I was moved by one of his posts. It's about the music men, actually, street performers from around the world. The video was tweeted to him by friend. You can view the post here.

Jake is part of the pioneering church known as the Life Church in Miami. The church was conceived two years ago and last year they began holding services at a mall in Miami, in a theater specifically. I was touched by the fact that God is really moving not just in my life but as well as other lives around the world. And for our case with Jake, as he have said, we are half way around the globe apart yet been connected with a single purpose - to proclaim the Good News in our humblest ways we can.

I posted a comment on one of his posts and I get a reply - something that is too unusual for a blogger like me. He said that he would be so happy to recieve pictures that I have. He liked the pictures I posted here.

But as I was saying, I have decided to make this post because of the video. Yes, I was moved by it... I am so fond of music, whatever genre it is. But music today is no more than what the heart speaks or what really it should be about. Simply, it has been too commercialized already. However, the producers of the video that Jake posted have something in mind that really is worth admiring.

I imagined what if Pilipino producers would try to do it here in the Philippines. We also have street performers that are way talented as those in the video. How about a song that will put the Pilipino people again on the flame? How about a calling for political transformation? How about a gospel song of renewal and coming back to the Lord?

I regard the video that Jake posted to have made a great impact on me and I will carry on in my life - forever.

Thanks Jake for sharing the video.


Jake Barreth Sunday, May 10, 2009 6:55:00 AM  

Joseph: A Friend in the Philippines.

I am so humbled by your post. The video is very cool I like it a lot I love that music crosses all cultural boundaries, such as our own. I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog!

God Bless,


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