Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bat Aboard!!!

As of publication of this blog, Discovery STS-119 has successfully docked at the International Space Station. The seven crews are already in the ISS and are preparing for the space walk. 2 of the STS-119 crews will be doing a space walk to conduct the final installation of the solar panel wing and the other equipment the team brought. Meanwhile, another expedition from Kazakztan will be leaving Earth and will dock at ISS this month (Liftoff: March 26). The crew of the Expedition 9 will be joining Koichi Wakata at the ISS. Wakata will be left in the ISS when Discovery returned. Joining Discovery crews back to Earth is Sandra Magnus in replacement of Wakata.

A breaking news caught my attention... A bat hanging on the external fuel tank of Discovery STS-119!!! An image posted by NASA showed a bat clinging on the external tank of Discovery STS-119. It was confirmed that the image was actually a bat. According to NASA, it is possible that birds and other animal can get close to the ship as Kennedy Space Center is located near a wildlife area. The bat remained clinging on to the tank as the craft trusts upward. Woah... That's great...


I am envious of the astronauts... Really... I bet it's really fun being there in space... I want to do the space walk too...

*Photos are from NASA.


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