Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As I promised to Heil, I am now posting his shots here in my blog. I personally liked his angling and techniques in macro photography so I offered him a space here.

It was in December when we discussed about this photography thing. It actually started when we exchanged links in Friendster and we happen to have a common interest in photography. Heil is a comrade and a team mate. He is also an airsoft player and that's the main track we became known to each other.

Here are the few shots he let me peep over. There are actually thriteen or fourteen of them but for some element of surprise I defer to post them all here at once... (so you can get back and wait the next post... and also a reason for me to post again...- to get rid of those "blog pauses." LOL.)






So there you have it... The captions are mine and it is my own interpretation of the pictures... Check out tommorow the next pictures that I will be featuring here...


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