Friday, March 27, 2009

Expedition 19 Launches for ISS

Expedition 19 crews aboard this Russian Soyuz Rocket trusts upward during launch to begin mission in the International Space Station.

The scheduled flight of the Expedition 19 of Russia has successfully been done in Kazakhstan. The Russian Soyuz TMA - 14 rocket is commanded by Commander Gennady Padalka. With him is Flight Engineer Michael Barrat. These two cosmonauts will join Koichi Wakata in the ISS and will complete the mission after 6 months. Spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi is with the Russian crew again and is bound to be back here on Earth on April 7. Discovery STS-119 will be landing in Earth on Saturday bringing home Sandy Magnus in exhange for Wakata.

Meanwhile, a dispute have paved while an inteligence report reached the Washington about the rocket the North Korea is planning to launch. According to NoKor, the rocket that they are going to launch is not a nuclear bomb but a mission to space. Undeniably, the international commnunity have reacted negatively to this move. Secy. Clinton of the Department of State said that the flight or the launch of such will be provocative as it will be a violation to the UN Resolution banning NoKor for any activity like that. In 2007, the country launched a rocket bomb but has not reached its target as it exploded after flight alarming many countries. In 1996, NoKor had faked a space flight only to advance its nuclear tests.

While there is no limit as to what countries would like to explore the space, the international community is not at peace with North Korea's plan. It might be that while their mission is really space exploration, who knows if they are trying to test if they can launck a missile from space to Earth. This is really scary... The name of their missile itself sounds scary - Taepodong-2...

I can't wait for Saturday to come... I will never miss watching Discovery STS-119's reentry and landing...


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