Friday, March 13, 2009

Live Pictorial

It was our acquaintance party in 2005 back in AUL when I took the pictures below. Yeah. The pictures are quite old already but they are mine and I want them to share to you. In the aspect of photography, one thing that I wanted to perfect are human shots. Candid as possible. The pictures I feature here are one of my first attempts and admittedly it was not perfect. But still let's give it a try.

My models here were well, "itago na lang natin sa mga pangalang" Jay and Ste... LOL... (Peace sainyong dalawa...) To why I took pictures of them? It was not actually my idea and I was there during the event not to take pictures of any non-sense scenes but to document the event. It was the idea of these two and the rest of the Architecture students whom are their classmates and my friends. It turn out that the fun that was supposedly in thise pictures became something more than just what expected.

You might notice that I lacked some lighting and composition here... Too far to be considered a professional shot. But hey, I am a novice and I just love what I do... I don't do it as profession so technically, none of my pictures should be considered as such (but in no case will I object if you would regard it with such an eminence, just don't try to compare it with those taken by pros, then we have a deal.)

Tommorow, I will share some of the photos I took back in college... I still have to crop them so I need to have some few touch of Photoshop on them... hehe...


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