Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Captured 2.0

I apologize for keeping you waiting for the next batch of Heil's shots. Well, my tactic worked. LOL... So before you lose your patience, I now uncover another five of the pictures Heil took and shared to me. Enjoy...


This one is my personal favorite. I do not know why... I just love it and I found it very challenging... And I got a deep fascination over lines and I found it in this picture...




Heil confessed that the web with the spider was the most difficult to shoot. He had several shots of this scene just to capture the best one. The challenge here according to him was to keep the spider in the center and wait for it to settle... Also, because the web is light weight and the scene was outside, the wind keeps the web moving thus creating a blur on the finished products. Good thing he was able to shoot one good part here.

And finally for this batch...



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