Sunday, March 15, 2009

B't X Syndrome

4:30 in the afternoon, it was Monday, the class was ended early by my teacher and too fortunate on my part, I was not one of the sweepers for the day. I usually land to be a Monday sweeper back in my elementary years but when I was in grade 6 we were randomly selected and grouped. That day, I have the opportunity to sneak at a canteen outside near my school and watch my favorite cartoon series. Yes. Before Zenki, we have our favorite cartoon sequel.

And since during my elementary years, CATV was not as famous as it is now, we have no choice but to watch what is shown by the local network. Too fortunate that time, we were able to sneak at a canteen with a good reception of ABS-CBN. We are so happy when we watched B't X those time and from that day on, this cartoon has become my favorite.

That time, I am no longer residing in Malinao. My family moved back to a nearby town - Tabaco - since 2 of my sisters are studying there already. So most of my school day afternoons are spent traveling. 4:30 pm is my favorite time of the day that time because by the time the clock ticks 5pm, I must be at my Andma's (this is what we call our grandma, it's a long story and I will try to manage to post an article about this here) house as my parents tend to drop by before we head home.

Going back, B't X is my favorite character in the series. Of course, Teppei, being the master of B't X goes with that favoritism. I have a circle of friends in my neighborhood in Tabaco namely Chor and Jun. Chor being the biggest among us three and the most dominant chose to characterize himself as Tepei, while Jun as Fao. Because I was only left with Karen, Dr. Hokuto, and Ron to choose from, I had nothing left but to pattern my interests that time to the remaining unclaimed characters. Jun suggested that I pick Dr. Hokuto as he is a great scientist, intelligent, and neutral - characters that he said he saw in me. So I picked Dr. Hokuto as my character.

Dr. Hokuto's B't is Max. Max is a turtle and the most powerful B't over the planet and second only to Rafaelo. Hokuto is regarded as the Master Doc as he is capable of healing soldiers and knights that he came accross wounded. He is also able to repair any damaged B't that he finds. Without Hokuto, B't X and Teppei could not have survived an attacked posed by the army sent by Aramis. Hokuto is not actually an ally of Teppei until the rest of the guardians settled to a mission to destroy Rafaelo. Ironically, Hokuto is sick and weak and he cannot heal himself.

For ten years, I have been missing this TV series just as I am missing Samurai X. Few months ago, I purchased a DVD of the first season of B't X and I was so happy I get to see the guys again. I still find myself over the character of Hokuto and the DVD made me reminisce some parts of my childhood. I realized I have grown already and now facing my own Rafaelo.

I miss Chor, Jun, and the rest of my childhood friends back in Tabaco. I am missing my life 12 years ago.

I hope I can find the other DVD of the 2nd season of B't X... The death of Rafaelo... B't X Neo...

If anyone of you has this copy or any copies of the series, please let me know...


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